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Elizabeth Collis


Elizabeth Collis (she/her/hers) writes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, from the United Kingdom, (where she grew up) and from wherever her peripatetic life takes her in between. 


In her personal essay blog Nestless and Restless, enjoy Elizabeth’s insightful and wry observations on her multi-year journeys to explore and re-discover her two homelands and much more.

Season 1, Prequel

In early 2017, with our two daughters both living outside of Nova Scotia, and no jobs to keep us in Halifax, My Lucky Half (MLH)* and I put our house on the market. It sold quickly, and we were nestless. We were also restless after 31 years of pouring our effort and attention into…

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Canada & the US

Season 1

Southern France & Spain

Season 2

Memory Lane, England

Season 3

The Caribbean

Season 4


Please contact Elizabeth with any questions, comments or just to say hello.